Recommend outfit for users who have difficulty in choosing their everyday outfit.

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Design Process

Major changes to any product are more expensive later in the development cycle. For this reason, we used an
iterative process by which we continuously validated our idea through needfinding and usability testing
throughout the development process. Learn more about each step in our design process here.

  • Point of View & Experience Prototypes

    We interviewed more participants and formulate points of view (POVs) for our potential users.Also, we created and test three “experience prototypes” to further our needfinding and develop a better idea as to where to focus our project.

    View: report, slides

  • Low-Fidelity Prototype

    Built a low-fi prototype of this best design and then ​performed a simple usability test​​.

    View: report, slides

  • ​Medium-fi Prototype

    Revised our user interface ideas based on the insights from low-fi prototype user testing and feedback. Then, we ​used interactive tools​​ to build a medium-fidelity prototype of the updated and improved design.

    View: README, slides, Prototype

  • Group Heuristic Evaluation

    ​Summarize the heuristic evaluations​​ and ​assign severity ratings to violations​​ so that we can fix the most important problems found in our prototype UI.

    View: pdf

  • ​Hi-fi Prototype

    Revise our user interface based on the group heuristic evaluation results and then ​use interactive tools and code to build a running prototype​​ of the design.

    View: README, slides, report

  • Poster

    Presenting our work in visual from.

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Our Team

Our Team is comprised of two undergraduates from the CSIE department and one graduate from the ME department.

Jeffrey Chen

CSIE Undergraduate

Josh Chang

CSIE Undergraduate

Can Lu

ME Graduate